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Current version : 1.4.1
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Be the creator of your own components and modules

Build your form, details, list, user and module views

Create custom fields

Custom field parameters

Create list, search or others modules

Integrate modules where you want

Invent your apps and be free

Creating a list view template

Manage search fields

Google Map integration

Google map parameters

Google map parameters

Manage GoogleMap popups

When entry is added, deleted, modified, published, unpublished

Create emails templates

Manage email triggers

Import / Export your apps easily

Manage backups

Create and customize slideshows

Date : 2016-02-28

EnhancementsMiscellaneousBugs fixes
  • Ability to export categories to a CSV file
  • Ability to import categories from a CSV file
  • CSV import (entries & categories) : New parameter added "Import from line"
  • CSV import (entries & categories) : New parameters added "Add without replace existing ids" and "Add and replace existing ids"
  • Backend : Codemirror editor integrated in the CSS & Javascript tabs. Available for search, user, module, entrydetails and form templates.
  • Entry form : if in a form, specific fields are not displayed, but in another yes, then the field is not set to null when saving and its value is kept.
  • Search, user and module templates : Ability to use $_GET and $_POST in prefilters.
  • File upload : Now the original file name is saved (with JFile::makeSafe) and not changed as before.
  • Image upload : Now the original file name is saved (with JFile::makeSafe) and not changed as before.
  • Form and entrydetails tabs
  • Backup restore
  • Slideshow rendering in frontend




  • Multi-application
  • CSV Import and Export
  • Backup and Restore
  • Custom fields creator
  • Add Forms creator
  • Search forms creator
  • Search and list view creator
  • User view creator
  • Details view creator
  • Email events
  • Modules creator
  • Slideshow creator
  • Google Maps integration and customization
  • Calendars integration and customization

Used for

  • Directory websites
  • Events management
  • Local ads
  • Content Construction (CCK)
  • Address Book
  • Dating websites
  • Portfolio
  • Catalog
  • Blog
  • Pages manager
  • and more...

Technical Requirements

  • Joomla 3.x
  • PHP 5.4.x and more
  • MySql 5.1 and more
  • Apache 2.x and more
  • Microsoft IIS 7 (if used)

Requirements are the same of Joomla technical requirements



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